EFAy calls for justice in the fight for Breton reunification

EFAyThe European Free Alliance Youth is working towards a Europe that respects the cultures and the territories of all peoples. In this spirit, the EFAy utterly condemns the harsh sentence imposed on six young people for acts of graffiti in the city of Nantes and would like to issue the following statement.

On February 12th 2009 six young people were Lire la suite

“Festimanif”of Nantes: a big success for UDBy

EFAyOver 10 000 demonstrated last Saturday to demand the reunification of Brittany (the Loire Atlantique’s department is not part of the administrative region of Brittany since 1941), but also to demand rights for the Breton’s language and more powers for the Lire la suite

Lettre de l’UDBy au Cymru X

Lorient / An Oriant
UDBY_gwenSunday, the 4th of May
(Envoyée mercredi 7 mai)

From the UDBy to the Cymru X


Dear friends,

With a lot of happiness, we learned that your party won some seats in the local Lire la suite