AG de l’EFAy: motion pour une Bretagne réunifiée

EFAyEFAy General Assembly. Barcelona. 26/03/2009

(proposed by UDBy)

Motion for the reunification of Brittany

EFAy fights for the rights of minorities in Europe. Our organization demands the respect of the integrity of the territories of said minorities, according to UN rules.


– Considering that Brittany has been divided during World War II by the Petain’s French State regime,

– Considering that this separation has never been approved by the concerned population,

– Considering that all polls show that inhabitants of the “Loire-Atlantique” department want to be reintegrated into Brittany

– Considering that every year, thousands of people demonstrate in Nantes for an united Brittany,

– Considering that the Regional council of Brittany has voted three times for this reunification, as did the Loire-Atlantique General Council,

– Considering that the creation of a committee for the reformation of French territorial administration by President Nicolas Sarkozy presents defenders of Breton unity with an unprecedented opportunity,

– Considering that the identity of Bretons is denied in Loire-Atlantique by the so-called “Pays de la Loire” administrative region which has spent millions trying to build itself a fictive identity,

 EFAy demands the French government :

 – Take into account the will of the people of Brittany

 – Make “Loire-Atlantique” a full-part of Brittany

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